Are your corporate recruiting tools really finding you the right talent?

Corporate recruiting tools


Like all other business functions, HR too, has turned its attention towards technology. And that’s quite a sensible move, considering how radically the role of HR is transforming in the US. Keeping an eye on the movement of the talent pool, contributing to organizational strategy, streamlining internal and external communication, and aligning HR and business strategy are some of the many newfound responsibilities that HR needs to fulfill. Given the challenges involved, the role of a corporate recruitment tool in the lives of hiring managers and professionals becomes extremely significant. While just any other tool may help you find candidates, the right tool helps you nail your recruitment with the ‘right’ talent. The right corporate recruitment tool will allow you to do the following:


Gauge your current performance


Before you plan on anything big with your corporate recruiting tool, you’ve got to gain clarity of where you stand currently. You can’t continue or change your recruitment strategies without gauging their performance so far, right? This is why you must make sure that your corporate recruiting tool can help you look inwards and present you with a holistic view of your recruitment performance so far. It should furnish you with answers to questions like:


  • How have your jobs been performing in the last few months?
  • How long, on an average, do your job postings take to close?
  • Which of your job postings are under-performing as per industry standards?

To find the right talent, you need to get a dashboard view of your efforts first. You might just be missing out something really obvious, and as a result, there may not be any need for you to revamp your entire recruitment process – you can well imagine how much time, effort, and money that’ll help you save.


Target the right candidates


Putting up a job post on some popular job portal or social media will increase your outreach and may have you contacted by more candidates than before. However, the point is to not celebrate the hike in the number of candidates reached or contacted but to find the right candidate. For the latter to happen, you’ve got to have a tool that can:


  • De-clutter your search to find suitable talent
  • Tailor your candidate search
  • Optimize your job descriptions and designation titles
  • Analyze where your ideal candidates are located
  • Learn about competitors that have your desired talent pool


Only a corporate recruiting tool that can help target the right candidates will help you budget your recruitment effectively and also design a recruitment plan that appeals to the right audience.

Benchmark against competitors


The American job market is challenging – everyone’s on the lookout for the right talent and employees are highly ambitious. HR needs to have a bird’s view to tap into any opportunity, without a moment of delay. Now, such agility requires a tool that can inform hiring managers of the recruitment climate in real-time. A big part of this information has to do with:


  • How your competitors are recruiting,
  • What positions they are aggressively hiring for,
  • What their average closing time is for a position, and
  • Whether they are broadcasting themselves to the same people as you are.


Finding answers to such questions demands rigorous research and analysis; something that’s impossible without the right corporate recruiting tool in hand.


The idea behind using a tool is to supplement your recruitment activities with data and analysis; you sure don’t want to use a tool that becomes a challenge in its own right. Go for a corporate recruiting tool that’s ‘intelligent’ and offers actionable insights. A tool that understands your business, your competitors, and the American market is your ideal recruitment tool.



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