Candidate Spotter

De-clutter your candidate-search and find the most suitable talent for your open positions. Through analytics, you can now reach into competitor organizations and discover candidates whose skills match your search. Through wide skill-matching capabilities, sourcing for hard-to-fill positions is no longer restricted to a single industry.

Talismatic sifts through thousands of candidate profiles, to bring you tailor-made, analytical matches to accelerate your candidate-search. Use a simple ‘job-title’ or ‘skill’ to activate highly effective recruitment even for top-managerial positions.

Access intelligence that enables you not only to plan but also execute your talent acquisition strategies.

  • Spotter 1Extend beyond a single industry to discover high-potential candidates
  • Spotter 2Engage passive candidates from competing companies and widen your talent pools
  • Spotter 3Employ cost-effective means to identify candidates with niche skills
  • Spotter 4Facilitate speedier talent-acquisition through the power of data