The Ultimate Guide to Creating Digital Learning Experiences

“99% of Universities and Colleges found that demand for online education has either remained constant or increased over the recent years”
Digital Learning Analytics White paper

Whitepaper Key Takeaways

  • 1. Funding Crisis & Disruptive Forces Impacting Higher Education
  • 2. The Latest In Workforce Demands & Skill Predictions
  • 3. Building Blocks Of Successful Digital Learning Experiences
  • 4. Implications for Online Course Planning
  • 5. Rendering Digital Learning Experiences To Wider Audiences
  • 6. Instructional Design Models For Curriculum Design and Mapping
This whitepaper is ideal for Colleges, Universities, Academic Program Administrators and US Labor Market Research professionals. The research and data is brought to you by Talismatic – leading predictive analytics tool for educators. For more information, visit us at