Competition Analysis

Often, the traditional metrics of recruitment are restricted to the walls of the organization. Talismatic facilitates a better understanding of the competitive sphere so recruiters can drive enhanced hiring strategies. Our competitor analysis feature delivers current and relevant information to recruitment experts about a competitor’s hiring surge, closing timeframes and employee skill levels. A closer look at the competition’s hiring strategy can help eliminate the likelihood of surprises and help develop effective forecasting models. It also has a feature to show you a comparative analysis of a set of competitors that have been specifically chosen by your enterprise.

Competitor Hiring Strategy - Talismatic


They Looking

Where are they looking?

Pinpoint which cities your competitor is hiring from.

They Performing

How are they performing?

Compare hiring cycles and see how you stack up against your peers in the industry.

They Hiring

Who are they hiring?

Find out the industry specific key positions your competitors are looking to hire at.

Their Parameters

What are their parameters?

Take a sneak peek at the skill levels of the candidates they are looking for.