Plan A Hire

Organizations across America are undergoing a seismic shift in their approach to hiring. HR professionals are now looking to incorporate more recruitment analytics into their everyday decisions. Our “plan a hire” feature equips management with the data it needs to prepare for upcoming recruitment cycles. For too long, HR has called on past- experience to lead the way, but now, Talismatic hopes to introduce new recruiting metrics to fuel hiring through a single dashboard. With these hr analytics tools you can plan ahead and reduce the buffer margins that are usually involved in recruiting for a position.

Recruitment Analytics - Talismatic
  • Search for talent in the right cities
  • Find suitable recruitment sources
  • Assess how long it will take to close the position
  • Find candidates with fitting job titles and skills
  • Locate universities where the desired skills are taught to candidates


Talent Map

The Talent Map

Type in a designation and find out which cities have the highest concentration of the talent you’re looking to hire.

Talent Pool

The Talent Pool

Offers a reservoir of competitors and universities from where you can pick the best talent

Talent Hook

The Talent Hook

Find out which companies are fishing for the same position and how long it generally takes to close the position.

Talent Hunt

The Talent Hunt

Form an effective job description using tools like additional skills and similar profiles.