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Plan a Hire

The recruiting tool that helps craft sound hiring plans. Get accurate insights on potential candidate locations, average job closing times and recruitment sources on a single platform. Talismatic scours the web for talent patterns and connects all the dots so you can frame the ideal recruitment strategy for a large corporate company or small to midsized enterprises.

Recruitment Data Analytics Tool - Talismatic
  • Discover Potential Candidates
  • Gauge hiring timeframes
  • Plan for contingencies
  • Understand recruitment dynamics
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Competitor Analysis

Talismatic paints the bigger picture by putting together recruiting intel from your biggest competitors. This e-recruiting tool allows you to select key companies and gain an in-depth analysis on their hiring performance. It lets you set new benchmarking standards that propel you beyond an inward-looking strategy and towards a more value driven approach.

Competitor Hiring Strategy - Talismatic
  • Analyze market trends
  • Compare Recruitment Capabilities
  • Differentiate hiring strategies
  • Measure overall performance
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My Jobs

A recruitment platform that shows you a bird’s eye view of the entire company’s recruitment activities – past and present on a single dashboard. Talismatic offers a holistic analysis on your own hiring performance to help the organization meet its recruitment goals and retain the best people.

Job Performance Evaluation - Talismatic
  • Consolidate hiring data
  • Align organizational priorities
  • Address recruitment bottlenecks
  • Bring intelligence to your hiring
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Employers said a bad hire cost them more than $50,000 per year


HR professionals agreed that they lack proper analytical recruitment tools to aid decision making


CEOs have already incorporated data from HR leaders into their business strategies

Benchmark against your Biggest Competitors — Get a clear view of their recruitment stats easily accessible on a single dashboard.

External entities will not always have accurate and real-time data. Our online recruitment tool performs a timely analysis and keeps the data organized so you can check on your recruitment performance.

Lack of adequate planning often leads to huge buffer margins and loss of talent – With Talismatic, you can channel your efforts to the right locations and ensure quicker results.

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