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Talismatic powers you with live job-market analytics straight from the industry. Our dashboard and custom-reporting solutions put actionable insights into the hands of educators, students and decision-makers across America. We analyze millions of data points to reveal latent bottlenecks and opportunities within the labor-market. Get direct access to analytics on performance enhancement, target segments, cost-reduction avenues and competitive intelligence for swift and efficient decision-making.
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Labor Market Research & Data Reports

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Labor Market Research & Data Reports
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Here's how WIA is Harnessing Our Labor Market Data

Wireless Infrastructure Association, the leaders in deploying broadband infrastructure across the United States have partnered with Talismatic to leverage the power of Job Market Data for showcasing the career growth pathways, wage projections, benchmarking, competitive analysis, workforce planning and much more for the Broadband Workforce.

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Predictive Analytics in education

Single best Predictive Analytics Tool

Access accurate occupational, skill and industry growth projections to predict labor-related economic trends.

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Actionable Standard & Custom Reports

Present & evaluate qualitative labor research findings via weekly and quarterly reports that review recent job market events. 

current job demand

Revenue-Generating Intelligence

Identify number of openings by job locations, employers, job titles, wages and required certifications, to identify current job demand.

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