Visualize the scope of talent for your hiring landscape

Talent insights to determine the hiring potential of cities across the US

Hiring Potential

'Hiring potential' is based on the availability of skilled individuals in a particular city. It offers recruitment planners an overview of the area’s current talent scenario. A single click can help determine the feasibility of recruitment campaigns and identify talent deficits in advance. Talismatic talent insights can be utilized to build job ad strategies and assess hiring timelines. It is also an indicator of the competition a recruiter should anticipate when looking for candidates. Hiring potential plays a crucial role in supporting decisions related to locating teams. It helps the management ascertain how practical a new location might be and predicts any hiring challenges they might encounter. Its talent insights can also signal towards rising industries in a city by calculating the skill demand patterns for that area. “Hiring potential” can be utilized by labor market experts to identify skill gaps for a state or city and develop strategies to overcome the talent shortages.

Get insights on the talent index for any city

Determine the hiring feasibility for new business ventures

Gauge expected competition levels for open positions

Identify talent shortfalls for a location in advance

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