Visualize the future of employment with Job market intelligence

Predict which skills are set to shape the industry in the coming years

Job Market Intelligence

Enrich your labor market research with analytics from Talismatic. Leverage the power of big data and machine learning to build a better picture of current employment trends. Talismatic highlights skills that will be essential to organizations in the future - allowing you to identify and overcome lags in the current syllabus. Find job market predictions to help build new offerings, boost enrollment rates and increase student employability. Talismatic delivers job market intelligence specific to cities and states, making it easier to collect insights on the geographical distribution of skills. Use skill demand to identify organizations that require specific skills and develop strategic collaborative programs to help bridge their skill gaps. Create alliances with government bodies and accelerate workforce development for your city/state.

Labour market research

Maintain a single platform to create and share research projects

Predict skill demand and boost course offerings

Predict skill demand and boost course offerings

Labor market research with analytics

Increase the labor market value of degrees

Job market intelligence

Stay on top of job market trends and employment shifts

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Labor market research
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