Are your talent levels at par with the industry?

Recruitment benchmarking metrics for a competitive talent market

Skill Analysis

Identify competitor key hiring areas and competencies. Talismatic hr data analytics helps business strategists gather insights on competitor target areas, diversification plans and skill frameworks. Find recruitment metrics to speed talent acquisition efforts and engage passive candidates from competing organizations. Stay on top of hiring trends and predict changes in the hiring patterns of competitors. Benchmark skill proficiency and compare talent inflow for more efficient decision making. Talismatic’s recruitment platform breaks data down to easily digestible bits and offers easy export of talent analytics. It employs artificial intelligence and enables non-intrusive means of data collection to keep decision makers better informed about the competitive scenario.

Get vital competitor talent analytics in report-ready formats

Identify top skill trends for your industry and competitors

Benchmark against competitors using skill recruitment metrics

Anticipate competitor moves and decipher hiring strategies

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