Make your students top-choice for employers

Labor market intelligence for seamless student placement

Career Development

Facilitate student placements within organizations that have real-time demand for their skills. Find out which local and regional companies will hire your graduates. Talismatic gives University Career Departments live access to hiring patterns of companies across the US.  Identify peak hiring periods, student placement patterns, skill requirements and skill deficits of each company. Career specialists can use labor market intelligence to identify the right internship, co-op and full-time employment opportunities for students. Get a deeper understanding of compensation patterns and salary trends. Talismatic is an ideal career planning tool even for non-linear careers. Our job market insights give educators a breakdown of the prevailing employment conditions in easy, digestible tidbits. Get a better understanding of the impact emerging skills will have on employability and close the gap between employer demand and graduate supply.

Better outcomes for career services, employer relationships, counseling and coordination teams across Colleges and Universities

Use labor market intelligence to identify emerging skills

Projections for expected Career Paths and Salaries upto 2026

Refine student's financial planning based on salary projections

Career Planning Tools to help students choose their Majors

Identify hiring opportunities for students

Regional Employment, Internship & Co-op opportunities for students

Use data as a career planning tool for students

Labor-market Intelligence on Local Company’s Skill Requirements

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