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Talismatic is a scalable analytics solution developed to feed today’s data glut. The cloud-based platform was designed as a sustainable means for US organizations to obtain labor market data. Talismatic specializes in big data analytics and artificial intelligence – which makes it ideal forgathering real-time job market information and competitive intelligence.

Our team comprises of experts in the fields of Technology, HR and Education who are committed to introducing organizations to a more structured and data-driven approach. Talismatic also has an advisory board that consists of top industry influencers who work as active contributors to our product development. This ensures we build a large, industry-scale data supply system that is meaningful, affordable and easy to use.

Besides the platform, the Talismatic team provides highly specialized reports from the labor market. We currently render our services to a number of Education Institutions, Hiring Departments, Government Organizations and Technology partners across the US. Using a combination of big data, statistical insights and business intelligence, it provides information that is key to the decision-making processes of these organizations.

Talismatic comes with a very user-friendly interface and requires little-to-no training, to begin with. It is easily adaptable on an organization-wide level and works on user-based plans. For corporate organizations, the data can be used by multiple levels of the management – from strategic heads to human resource planning. For educational institutions – it houses information on course creation and student career development. Government organizations can use Talismatic’s labor market insights to get a feed of skill requirements, workforce development and research information. It gathers, analyses and predicts data that can be used in a variety of permutations across industries.

To know more about us, feel free to write to us on info@talismatic.com

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