Bridge the gap between students and employers

Live job market intelligence to guide your students on a better career path

Labor-market information to boost the quality of graduates

With deeper insight into skill trends and hiring patterns, educators can invest in courses that are predictive of success. Craft the best career opportunities with Talismatic hiring intelligence. See which companies hire skills similar to what your students possess and facilitate speedier placement of graduates. Through Talismatic data, you can equip students with credentials of value through an optimal blend of critical skills and soft skills. Whether it is reskilling the labor force or preparing students for further education - Talismatic uses job-market intelligence to help create a fruitful learning experience.

  • Find labor market intelligence that’s easy to understand and interpret
  • Facilitate a seamless student employment process
  • Create value offerings to increase student retention
  • Identify jobs that require two-year and four-year degree qualifications
  • Equip matriculating students with the right credentials
Labor market information
Key Insights

Career development specialists

Find easy access to hiring intelligence. Build synergies with local organizations. Equip students with the right skills and fill skill deficits.

Academic advisory team

Focus on creating high-value course content. Find easy access to conclusive industry research. Discover emerging sill trends and hiring tendencies.

Admissions and enrollments

Engage more students through insightful career projections. Drive admissions creative reskilling/adult learning programs. Identify skill-deficit pockets for better direction of marketing efforts