Visualize future job-market trends

Use real-time labor market analytics to build better career paths and learning experiences for students

Predict High-Demand Courses

Access real-time insights from the US job market. Talismatic’s labour market

analytics help educators identify courses that will gain high returns and retain long-term


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Make students employment-ready

Identify sustainable career paths for students based on skill-demand analytics.

Ensure that students are updated with the right skills to succeed in a competitive

work environment.

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boost Admissions and Enrollment

Build courses that are aligned with the labor-market. Use live employment

intelligence to demonstrate how your courses can add value to student’s

career paths.

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Report-ready insights for
labor market research

Get easy access to all your labor-market research needs on a single platform. Our

data driven analytics provide report-ready insights and eliminate the need for

complicated, lengthy research.

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