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Talismatic is an analytical tool that helps organizations formulate accurate recruiting strategies to ease their hiring processes. Work force planning that prefers experience over factual data may yield results that fall short of optimal. Talismatic aims to bridge this gap by placing statistically sound data in the hands of recruiters and decision makers and eventually lead them toward robust recruitment and retention.

It puts into perspective how an organization is performing vis-à-vis its industry and peers. So now, recruiters are not restricted to forming decisions based on a mere one-dimensional view; but can expect their strategies to put them on par with the other players in the industry.

With Talismatic, you get a three pronged advantage – knowing your own company’s performance, knowing your competitor’s performance and knowing the performance of your industry as a whole. Most HR analytic tools offer insights on only one aspect of recruitment; whereas, Talismatic offers a 360 degree holistic view to help ease decision making. It is the first-of-its-kind solution that caters to recruitment at an executive level as well as top managerial levels.

Talismatic has gathered information from over 4 million jobs across the United States. Once an organization is onboard with us, we ensure that job posted by this organization and its competitors have been collated into our data.

Many organizations commonly post jobs in multiple locations. Talismatic intelligence covers all jobs that are posted within the United States.

Our team will notify you through email in case of any new updates that have been released. These updates are automatically incorporated into Talismatic and will reflect the next time you log in.

Talismatic is backed by a strong technical support team that regularly keeps a check on all the jobs of our targeted companies and updates it on a timely basis. Any changes in the job scenario will reflect in the analytics.

You can sign up for a free month-long trial that takes you through the entire Talismatic experience. For more details – Click here

Talismatic is extremely user-friendly and self-explanatory. If you’re still facing issues, feel free to get in touch with our customer support team on +1 - 866 208 5594 or info@talismatic.com

Yes. Since it is a web-based product, users can easily access it through any web browser.

Talismatic can be best viewed over Mozilla 42+, Chrome 40+, Internet Explorer 10+ and Safari.

Currently, this data is not downloadable in the form of reports. For personalized reports or any related queries, please contact us at +1 - 866  208 5594 and info@talismatic.com

We suggest users to view Talismatic on either a laptop or desktop to experience the best compatibility.

Since Talismatic is a web-based product, it is available for immediate display on any browser, hence you can access it simply by signing up (Register).There is no need to install it separately

As Talismatic is web based product, you can simply logout to make an exit from the system. If you’re looking to discontinue your subscription with Talismatic, please contact us on info@talismatic.com and a customer representative executive will assist you accordingly.

Whenever a new version is released, it will be automatically updated. We will also send you a notification email in case we make any changes.

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