career advancement opportunities
Discover jobs, internships & co-ops that are perfect for your students along with analytics on career advancement on one handy platform.


Find unbiased job listings that are pre-matched to student’s skills and programs. Use Talismatic to identify and connect with companies that have real-time open positions to boost your placement ratios and increase student success.

LIVE Employment Opportunities
LIVE Employment
Discover job listings for every skill and program offered by your College/University
student’s skills
Internships and
Find listings for co-ops & internships that are matched with student’s skills
H1B Visas and
Find Job listings that offer H1B visas along with salary information on careers


Get students acquainted with the employment scenario before they can begin their job-search. Students can use live job-data like hiring cycles, top employer information and skill demand to point them in the right direction and enable easy career decision-making.

jobs for students
career paths


Students can use Talismatic to identify and apply for jobs that catch their interest. It's practical search engine comes equipped with easy filter options that allow students to narrow-down their searches and find the perfect job opportunity within no time.

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Educators are as responsible for student employability as the students themselves

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