Get a holistic view of your organization’s recruitment performance

My Jobs

“My Jobs” offers a broad job performance evaluation of an organization. It makes the hiring process more manageable by giving clear updates on the progress of jobs posted online. Companies can now see how their job postings are performing with respect to other similar postings in the industry. This will help the management get introspective recruitment metrics on what may or may not be working for them. It will also help set realistic targets to accurately measure recruitment and selection. This ‘My Jobs’ feature will help HR heads of companies strategize as per their strengths and improve HR processes on the whole.



One Dashboard

One Dashboard

Monitor all open vacancies from a single screen.

Closing Timeframe

Closing Timeframes

Set recruitment targets based on realistic job closing times.

New Positions

New positions

Get insights into new positions being posted by the enterprise.

Under Achievers

Under Achievers

Automatically calculates the postings that are under performing by industry standards.

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