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With 20+ years of domain expertise, we aim to provide insights on job market data that will help you make better, faster, and data-driven decisions.




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Our Solutions

  1. Academics

    • Become the University of Future
    • Get Insights on the Most In-Demand Jobs & Careers
    • And Align your Curriculum as per Industry Trends
  1. Corporate & Staffing

    • Strategically Hire talent that is right for you
    • Understand Job Market Insights in terms of Skills, Education, Experience
    • Gain a competitive edge with Real-Time Local Labour Market analytics
  1. Workforce Development

    • Reliable Data to facilitate growth and expansion
    • Local Job Market Data that will help you Identify Gaps and Demand
    • For Benchmarking, Planning, and Strategizing your Human Capital Needs

Real-Time Job Market Analytics

Get actionable insights straight from the industry with Talismatic’s custom, interactive yet easy-to-use dashboard. A platform that is equipped with job market data that resolves challenges faced by Educators, HR personnel & students all over the world. Get access to accurate workforce analytics such as demand for skills, occupations, industry, and much more enabling effective decision-making.

Access To Job Market Analytics for All Your Needs

We at Talismatic have mastered the art of extracting, analyzing, processing, and providing Job Market Analytics from millions of data points. Get access to valuable information such as Labour Market Analytics, Talent insights, HR Data, Job Market Analytics, and much more. Leverage the power of big data and machine learning to gain a better understanding on the current trends that will help you incorporate better decision making.

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