Build strategic partnerships with hiring organizations

Skill analysis to identify key areas of the labor market that require reskilling

Workforce Development

Talismatic’s skill analysis sheds light on the talent needs of an organization. It enables academic experts to track or predict the skill shortages faced by an industry. Using real-time hiring intelligence, community colleges can reach out to organizations that are struggling to find the right talent. Organizations can, in turn, benefit from the upskilling and retraining services that community colleges provide. Talismatic defines the nature of employment offered by an organization. Community colleges can promote the targeted supply of interns, part-time employees, niche-skill talent, co-ops and full-time employees that have skills directly sought by organizations. It serves as a great platform to discover placement opportunities for graduating students.

Talismatic opens up immense opportunities for community colleges to contribute towards the development of the workforce within the US. By leveraging skill analytics, academics could build education programs specific to the needs of local organizations. Guarantee employment options through the creation of in-demand skills training programs. Talismatic significantly reduces the amount of research that colleges put into recognizing partnership opportunities. It offers easy options to create new projects and share them with associates.

Targeted skill development to bridge the skill gap

Facilitate recruitment training and skill development of employees

Enable student career development and growth in their best-fit organizations

Build better workplace learning opportunities

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