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Bring Competitive Intelligence
To Your Product

Build intuitive recruiting products capable of tackling competitive challenges. Talismatic gathers and analyses recruitment intelligence as it happens, bringing advancement to any recruitment system.

Use cases

Build high-functioning ATS

Add more value to any HR Software

The ideal plug-in for Market Research

Talismatic Server
Competitive analysis

Access hiring analytics from over 20000 companies to bring a unique perspective to your hiring and stay on top of recruiting trends

plan a hire

Ready hiring data for efficient recruitment planning. Get information to channel your hiring efforts to derive maximum result.

my jobs

Live industry intelligence for performance comparisons. Get any company's hiring statistics and go head-to-head with competitors.

Instant enhancement for your ATS system

With competitive insights like never before, Talismatic API is ideal for ATS companies looking to boost their product offerings.

Add a USP to your ATS system with features like competitive recruiting, strategy builders and performance metrics. Show clients their competitor's strategic moves and impress them with recruiting intelligence from any organization in the US.

With the ever-growing demand for recruiting analytics, your ATS will be well equipped to stay a step ahead of its competition. Contact us now.

Is your HCM company "competition-ready"?

Access industry-wide analytics through a simple integration with Talismatic. With a 360 view of the current job-market scenario, organizations can make smarter decisions that impact their workforce planning positively.

By enabling your technology with our insights, you're putting unlimited competitive intelligence into the hands of your customer. Upgrade to a more intuitive platform that's self-aware and will drive sales conversations for you.

For more information on how Talismatic can integrate with your solutions, contact us here

Build a more adaptive Staffing Agency

Increase staffing efficiency at a pre-recruitment level. With the Talismatic API, staffing companies can eliminate the need for expensive research teams, fine-tune their searches and set more accurate forecasts.

With a few lines of code, Talismatic integrates seamlessly with your recruiting platform to fetch live statistics on hiring performance, closing timelines and talent heat maps

Build instant industry-expertise, document your hiring success and pass on cost-benefits to clients with the Talismatic API. Contact us for more information

Labor market Intelligence for Education Institutions

Build better learning programs and career opportunities for students using live job-trends and market demands. The Talismatic API analyses which skills are most sought after and which companies are looking for them.

Improve over-all product offerings and offer knowledge that helps organizations grow. Talismatic's API provides information on hiring companies and skill deficits that enables Provosts and Deans to run a more efficient admissions and placements system. For more information on our education solutions, contact us here

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