Using Labor Market Data to Make the Wireless Industry Seamless

POSTED ON 23 FEB, 2024

The wireless industry is booming – something that began over a decade ago and is now revolutionizing the way the world works. Whether it is broadband or 5G, everyone is connected to the internet. To ensure this happens seamlessly, the industry needs the best talent – which is why the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) has partnered with Talismatic for its expertise in labor market analytics.

The WIA represents world-class organizations that create, spread, and operate the wireless infrastructure in the United States. Its goal is to ensure connectivity everywhere by responsibly distributing wireless infrastructure. So how is Talismatic’s labor market intelligence going to help WIA? WIA is a leader in providing workforce solutions for government, education, and other industry stakeholders with their training and apprenticeship resources and programs. For WIA to ensure that the telecommunication industry is equipped with reliable and skilled workforce they must identify labor needs, skill gaps, understand compensation, build quality curricula, and much more. This is where the labor market insights from Talismatic will empower WIA’s solutions.

Talismatic is a renowned leader in the labor market field and will assist the WIA in streamlining its operations by providing real-time data for the wireless industry. Our deep learning artificial intelligence analyzes millions of data points and provides analytics that will aid in curriculum enhancement, letting the WIA know which skills are in demand today and which could be the need of the future. Moreover, this comprehensive partnership will put actionable labor market insights and show career growth pathways, help determine wage structures, assist in competition analysis, workforce planning, and much more.

Talismatic’s focus will be to assist WIA to seamlessly carry on their operations and provide them with a bird’s eye view of the industry to forecast trends, build progressive programs that meet the industry needs, ensure a quality workforce, and make data-driven strategies. .

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