Salaries & Skills Predictions up to 2026

Hiring Projections for Interns and College Grads

City & State-wise Emerging Job trends

Job market predictions and industries to watch for the future

Predict the future of Job-market USA

Get an easy understanding of rising job trends

Single best Predictive Analytics Tool

Access accurate occupational, skill and industry growth projections to predict labor-related economic trends.

Actionable Standard & Custom Reports

Present & evaluate qualitative labor research findings via weekly and quarterly reports that review recent job market events 

Revenue-Generating Real-Time Intelligence

Identify number of openings by occupation plus job locations, employers, job titles, wages and required certifications, to identify current job demand.


Visualization and Export Features

Talismatic is well suited to handle very huge and fast-changing labor market datasets including artificial intelligence and complex machine learning algorithms. Users can create and export a range of live projects from scratch, simply plugging in their own data sources as needed.

Dynamic Reporting Tool

You can build self-service oriented, web-based dynamic reports quickly showing live comparisons of labor market performance & overviews of your region’s economy including employment, wage, and unemployment trends. Engage our Custom Reporting Services for more fine-tuned data deliverables.

Data-Driven Solutions

Talismatic enables all levels of the organization to make data-driven decisions for educators, economic developers, workforce development practitioners, and government entities all have the need for reliable & insightful data to improve their strategic initiatives and gain profitability.

Intuitive Dashboards

With its clean and clutter-free user interface, Talismatic adds to the layers of user-friendliness and support. It makes the data easy to understand for different people doing different roles. No overhead or training costs are involved. Inbuilt support for APIs helps in easy partner integration.

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