Catch Talismatic’s first ever Community College podcast with Aeron Zentner


Are community colleges beginning to lose relevance among employers? How do community colleges respond to stringent government policies? How do community colleges know what skills the employers want? How can they prepare their students for a dynamic job market? Are community colleges using data analysis in education? Find the answers to these and many more such questions with Aeron Zentner, the dean of institutional research, effectiveness, planning and grant development with Coastline College, which is a pioneer in data-driven education.


Maintaining high enrollment and graduation rates,  meeting job market demands, and guaranteeing overall student success

The objectives of community colleges are no different from those of state and private universities. However, community colleges do face a unique set of challenges and are subject to a unique set of constraints owing to government policies, employer and student expectations, and the need to manage resources austerely. Although there has been a recent rise in the preference for community college education among students, educators at these institutions still need to navigate through some challenges to take advantage of the favorable trends. So, join Aeron and the team at Talismatic, as they discuss the challenges faced by community colleges across America. Get Aeron’s perspective on how community colleges can tackle the challenges posed by an ever-changing job market, evolving government policies, and the need to ensure student success. The podcast revolves around discussions on:


  • How community colleges can demonstrate their relevance to the stakeholders in the educational system
  • Some of the fastest growing career tracks today, based on the current job market trends
  • The advantages and disadvantages of graduating from community colleges
  • The impact of political and economic changes on community colleges


Now, if you’re an educator, whether at a community college or elsewhere, wanting to know more about the today and tomorrow of college education with respect to job market trends, you can’t afford to miss this podcast. Tune in to the podcast, Getting It Right With Data on SoundCloud or YouTube, now!



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