Google for Jobs is the future

Google for Jobs is the future

It is a widely known and accepted fact that Google has truly revolutionized the job industry in recent times. Given its ease of accessibility and its simple user interface, one that has received accolades from many, posting and finding a job on Google has been simplified. When a candidate enters a job search in Google, the search engine immediately recognizes that the user is looking for jobs in his/her area and provides the relevant and necessary information to the user. 

How has Google helped candidates:

Google has made it extremely simple and easy to post a job online, which can be accessed from a host of different devices, such as a computer, tablet or smart phone. Google for jobs also ensures that the candidate can check the status of his job application online, can receive timely updates on what stage his/her application is at and can reach out to the organization or recruiter. Given that candidates now can track every stage of their application, the candidate feels empowered and it also ensures that you get in touch with candidates who are serious about pursuing a career in your organization.

How has Google helped Organizations:

Google has effectively bridged the gap between the candidate and the organization, by ensuring that a candidate can get in touch directly with the organization. Google also recommends jobs based on your search criteria, which is a big bonus, as if your Job visibility on Google is high and among the top recommended jobs, then the chances of find the right candidate for your organization are greatly improved. It also ensures that the otherwise time consuming process of finding and recruiting candidates is greatly improved, thus making it an extremely time efficient way of posting a job opening. 

Why you should improve your job visibility:

As mentioned above, a higher job visibility, improves your chances of ranking among the top recommended jobs on Google, and by following certain practices such as utilizing page titles, URLs, tags, you greatly improve the search engine’s capabilities of being able to crawl and index your site, and with the aid and assistance of GoPost, you greatly improve your job posting visibility on Google. GoPost ensures that Google for Jobs rank your job posting among the highest and greatly improves your job posting visibility on Google.

Given that job postings now are easily posted online, it is important to make your job posting stand out from the rest, which would require you to post all the necessary information regarding the vacancy and other interesting details of the job details. Given that the world is now looking at Google for everything, including jobs, it ensures that your job posting is one that receives the maximum views.

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