How can Finance Experts Exploit Alternate Data?

Finance Experts

They say money saved is money earned. However, money invested well is multiplied! This is true especially when finance experts and consultants are targeting companies looking at funding. However, the market today has thousands of companies that are in search of funding; finding the right one can be a daunting task. To gain a market edge, finance experts can and must use alternate data for capital market investments for the many benefits that come along with it. But how can this fintech be put to best use? Scroll down to find out more. 

What is Alternate Data for Capital Market Investments

Non-traditional data sets used by experts as a guide to their investment strategy are called alternate data in finance technology terminology. This includes web and app data, geolocation, trend trajectory, demand analysis, market projections, etc., among other things. There are many benefits of using alternate data in fintech. They include: 

  1. In-depth and accurate analysis 
  2. Lucrative investments and partnership formation 
  3. Historical data to back decision making 
  4. Competitive edge 
  5. Birds eye view of the industry 

This finance technology helps experts make decisions, make suggestions, and enhance business operations and processes. However, it is imperative to choose the right tool. Want to know which one? More on that below. 

Talismatic – Make Data-Driven Decisions with Alternate Data 

Alternate data for capital market investments are essential for everyone from the senior management to investors in private equity or venture capital firms and hedge fund managers to consultants. Talismatic aims to make their lives easier by providing them with a breakdown of the labor market data, current conditions, future forecast, trends, hiring patterns, and much more.   

Our tool’s specialty is that it provides alternative data on every aspect of the labor market. What’s more is that it gives a bird’s eye view of the industry by accurately scanning data in real-time from millions of data points. In-depth data about the company (fintech or others), its location, employee skills, hiring patterns, industry growth levels are provided so that users get an apt idea of the prevailing market conditions. It provides: 

  • Macro-economic Data
    Prospective stakeholders can now get accurate data about the employment market for any given industry– including salary offered, geographical employment status, live jobs, most in-demand roles and much more  – to predict changes in the hiring patterns
  • Growth Forecasting
    Get labor market data specific to industry, company and location to predict when and where the market may turn. Make investment decisions after carefully analyzing labor market data to forecast any potential opportunity or threat
  • Alternative Capital Market Strategy
    Get accurate information from Talismatic to speed up the process – our alternative data is that spot-on.  

Intrigued about exploring the tool? Well, there is something that will excite you too – Talismatic has an all-new intuitive user interface that provides filters based on industry, location, and more! To know all about the software and how it can help you, send us an email on or call us on +1 (234) 567 8910.

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