How to post an attractive job posting on Google

Attractive job listings

Ever since the renowned search engine brand launched Google for jobs, it has taken the world of recruitment by storm. By using Google for jobs, major brands and organizations have come to realize that they can not just get maximum visibility for their job posting, but it also greatly improves the possibility of getting in touch with the right candidate. Google for jobs has helped in bridging the gap between candidates and organizations, by ensuring that the two can get in touch with one another in an effective and efficient manner, thus speeding up the process of recruitment.

How to make your job posting effective:

One of the most effective ways you can make the best use of the features that Google for jobs has to offer, is while posting your job opening on Google, to structure the underlying HTML of your job postings so they can be indexed by Google for Jobs. It also ensures that your Job posting on Google gets the maximum visibility on the search engine.

Add job posting structured data:

Adding job posting structured data to your job posting is important and can be the difference maker and while this might sound scary and confusing to someone who is not to familiar with the technical aspects of posting a job opening, but with the help and assistance of a brand like GoPost, the same can be done on your behest, without you having to worry about the same. Posting structured data lets Google know that it’s a job posting and labels the essential info. You can also include the recommended properties to add more information about your description, which can provide a much better user experience.

Use Site maps to make Google work better:

Site maps are a saviour, as it ensures that candidates apply only for current openings and not for the ones that are no longer valid. It also ensures that candidates that are looking out for jobs on Google can easily find the ones that are active, without wasting their time in applying for the ones that have already been taken up and are not active.

How does it help job seekers:

It has enabled job seekers to add relevant filters for a better search. Job seekers can now look and apply for multiple job postings, all at once, from one platform, without having to visit multiple websites, and can find all the jobs relevant to his field, all under one roof.

With Google constantly adding and updating Google for jobs with new features, keeping up with them and making the best use of the same will ensure that your job posting is one that is extremely effective.

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