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AI in Recruitment

Advancements in technology have greatly helped in reducing human dependence in various fields and the same is witnessed in the field of recruitment. Reducing human dependence comes with a set of pros and cons and while one may argue for the other, the role of AI in recruitment cannot be disputed.

Will AI Replace Humans:

One question that always comes up whenever the role of AI is discussed is whether or not AI will end up replacing humans, especially in the field of recruitment. While AI can help and assist a recruiter to short list candidates, based on qualifications, experience etc. the final call in employing and interviewing will need human intervention. However, this is not to say that AI in recruitment is redundant, as AI Solutions for Recruitment can make a recruiter’s and company’s task a lot easier, as he/she would not need to invest a lot of time and resources into scanning through applications that hold little to no relevance. Not only is it a major time saver, it is also extremely cost effective, as it helps to reduce the amount of manpower required to help with the recruitment process. With the assistance of a brand such as GoPost by an organization’s side, the process of using AI in recruitment can be made a lot easier.

AI as an effective tool:

One of the major roles of AI in recruitment has been in improving the time taken to recruit a candidate. A candidate can now track the progress of his/her job application, helps a recruiter expedite a hiring if required and complete the recruitment in the shortest possible time, thus making the process of employing extremely effective. While we may not be able to conceive the future, it is expected and accepted that the role of AI will only increase in the near future. 

As a virtual assistant:

AI acts as a virtual assistant to help you find the most suitable candidate in the market. With the number of applications and job postings on Google for jobs search engine, recruiters and organizations were finding the task of finding a suitable candidate extremely overwhelming and were in need of an effective tool to scan through the candidates, without having to invest a lot of time and resources in the same. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the same has been made possible, as now, a recruiter has a virtual assistant to handle the task of scanning through the thousands of applications and shortlisting ones that are of relevance to the organization. 

Risk assessment:

With technological advancements, AI is now able to assess the risks that may come along with employing a candidate. It can help answer some of the more daring and tough questions and based on the answers of the candidate, it can assess the risks that may come along with hiring a particular candidate.

While it is widely accepted that AI may never completely replace humans in recruitment, the significance and the role of AI in recruitment is only expected to increase with time.

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