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Planning for recruitment can sometimes feel like grasping at straws. Most recruiters have only their

past experience to bank on. But will that suffice? And with a recruitment scenario as dynamic as the

one today, how does one even approach such an expensive and critical task without a clear

compass? The answer to this, could be accounted towards the big-data revolution that has arisen in

the past few years.


Recruiters can shift their gaze towards a more data-focussed approach to their daily tasks. Armed

with concrete numbers from the current market, budgeting and planning becomes a task less

daunting and more rewarding. And then there’s hidden data. Not easily accessible and often

shrouded in uncertainty. But what if this information were available in the recruitment domain,

would it help bring traction to the hiring process? That’s where Talismatic comes into play.


Recruitment Intelligent

Talismatic is an intelligent, fully data driven tool that scours hiring information and analyzes it to

place clear answers on your screen. Answers to questions like – which cities have the highest

number of software engineers? How long does my industry take to fill a C-level position? What

positions are X Corp looking to hire at next? Is our recruitment lagging or are we performing at par

with the others?


Modern recruiters no longer need to incorporate high buffer margins for their next recruitment

cycles. They can finally reach a consensus with hiring managers by having clear-cut timelines to

finalize the right person for the job. They could take a page or two from their competition’s

hiring strategy. Learn to wean themselves off experience that came from a recruiter-driven

era and find solutions to the new candidate-driven scenario.


This is exactly the kind of user experience we’re looking to dole out through Talismatic – A single recruitment analytics platform that deals with all the external and internal aspects that make up a well-thought- out

recruitment plan. Several years of hard work and ingenuity finally come to fruition this April and if

you find yourself eager to know more, you can try out the Beta version of the product for free at this link.

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