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A 2014 study conducted by Bersin by Deloitte, a leading human capital research firm, concluded:

“Today’s HR organization is no longer judged by its administrative efficiency – it is judged by its ability to acquire, develop, retain, and help manage talent.”
(Source: Innovation Comes to HR. The New Bold, CHRO)

This is where online recruitment tools come into play as they bring along efficiency and streamlining of recruitment processes.

Talismatic is an HR recruitment tool that helps organizations formulate accurate recruiting strategies to ease their hiring processes. Talismatic delivers statistically sound data in the hands of recruiters and decision makers and eventually leads them toward robust recruitment and retention.

With Talismatic, you get a three-pronged advantage; knowing your own company’s performance, knowing your competitor’s performance and knowing the performance of your industry as a whole. Most HR recruitment tools offer insights on only one aspect of recruitment; whereas, Talismatic offers a 360-degree holistic view to help ease decision making. It is the first-of-its-kind solution that caters to recruitment at an executive level as well as top managerial levels.

Talismatic has information of over 4 million jobs across the United States. Once an organization is on-board with Talismatic, the jobs posted by this organization and its competitors are collated into the tool’s database.

Many organizations commonly post jobs in multiple locations. Talismatic intelligence covers all jobs that are posted within the United States.

Let’s delve into some more reasons on why Talismatic is the online recruitment tool of the future in US:

Competitor Benchmarking

Talismatic’s competitive intelligence tool lets you compare your statistics against your competitor’s and find out if they’re broadcasting themselves to the same people you’re targeting. You can create more efficient campaigns for recruitment based on the analytics.

  • Extract critical insights on what positions your competitors are looking to fill
  • Compare how effective their campaign efforts are to yours
  • Find out if the competition is marketing themselves to the same candidates that you are interested in
  • Identify surges in the hiring activities of your competitors

Using Talismatic, you can locate which cities in America have a high density of the suitable candidates.

  • Get a city wise map of talent density
  • Target your efforts towards regions that have a viable number of candidates
  • Find talent locations to formulate enhanced recruitment strategies
Job Closing Timeline

Talismatic allows you to compare recruitment timelines with your competitors.

  • Instantly calculates the average amount of time it takes the industry to close a position
  • Compares closing times and aids recruitment goal setting for better performance
  • Set recruitment targets and form a realistic hiring timeframe
Recruitment Sources

One of the biggest issues HR professionals face today is an overload of recruitment sources. Talismatic helps cut out the noise and pinpoints specifically at effective sources.

  • Find the best job recruitment sources in the industry
  • Form effective forecasts and target the right markets for talent

Talismatic, thus, serves well to the human resource departments of US in all manners of recruiting and helps them to be more strategic, to move beyond their traditional administrative and compliance functions and build a highly engaged and productive workforce.

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