US Job market trends are the best guide to market-ready curriculums

job trends in usa

Every time a new trend, a new invention, some innovation, or some geopolitical turn of events occur, the job market gets recast. And each time the market recasts, the demand for a new skill set at work emerges. So, if universities are creating curriculums and forgetting to update them, then it’s a sheer blunder, to say the least. A course that may be ‘hot’ today, may become obsolete tomorrow!

Only by having a clear comprehension of job trends, both current and future, will educational institutions be able to create a job market-ready curriculum for students.

Getting students ready for job trends in the USA

US Job market trends

Shifting towards employer-relevant skill demands and updating the outdated curriculums seem to be challenging, but actually, it isn’t. Today, universities have the power of technology to tap into. With the help of the right predictive analytics tool, educational institutions can access real-time insights on hiring trends across every city, region, and state in the US. Insights on job market trends will help an institution discover new learning opportunities for students by analyzing the skill gap. Appropriate counseling to students on their career pathways based on the type, location, and nature of jobs will further drive students to career success.

Talismatic is an education analytics tool meant to bring before educators all the job market trends that help them steer their students’ career in the right direction.

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