3 metrics that matter more than cost-per-hire to a financial recruiter

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A financial recruiter is on a constant hunt for some of the best talents in the industry. This is quite understandable, as they need candidates who can combat financial security breaches and ensure the compliance of all necessary financial laws and regulations. And so financial recruiters carry out some of the most stringent practices before they onboard a candidate. For instance, a financial recruiter needs to carefully inspect the credit history of candidates before offering certain positions. To be able to assess a candidate well, a financial recruiter, therefore, needs to access the right metrics.


Three metrics that matter to a financial recruiter


For the longest time, cost per hire was considered to be a decisive metric by most recruiters. But things have changed now. As financial recruiters look for more and more niche candidates, the demand for which is more than the supply, other more significant metrics have come to the forefront. Over-emphasis on cost per hire, today, means placing cost over quality. So, here are three metrics that matter more than the cost per hire and why:


1. Hiring potential

Finance recruiters can take advantage of this metric to know how difficult or easy it is to find the desired candidate in a particular location. Talismatic immediately categorizes the hiring potential as ‘easy,’ ‘difficult,’ or ‘moderate’ for its users.


2. Job closing time

The time taken to fill a position in the finance industry depends on the current level of competition to find a suitable candidate. With Talismatic, monitoring the closing time for a position in the finance industry becomes super easy. Talismatic compares your job closing times with that of your competitors, as well as, the industry to give an idea of where your recruitment plans stand.


3. Salary trends

A financial recruiter needs to pay attention to the salary trends in the finance industry.  Otherwise, recruiters will most likely end up paying either less or more than the  standard. While the former will mean missing out on a good candidate, the latter implies wastage of resources.


So, if you are a financial recruiter use Talismatic today and leverage the power of the right recruitment metrics on the right recruitment platform!


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