The role of a retail recruiter in changing the face of a retail brand

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Retailers place immense emphasis on the branding and perception of their products and company respectively. They attach so much importance to their brand value that all their processes go through stringent quality metrics. And so, the process of candidate searches in a retail organization is exacting too. The onus for this lies with the retail recruiters who face huge competition in the market to find suitable talent.


But above all, a retail recruiter must ensure that all the candidates that apply to them see his organization in good light. Whether a candidate gets hired or not, they must have a good impression of the company.
To ensure this, it is very important for a retail recruiter to focus on the right recruitment metrics and draft a hiring strategy that has the organization’s brand values and sentiments at its center. The good news is that this has become quite achievable with advancements in the recruitment technology.

A retail recruiter can, therefore, access and track exclusive recruitment metrics like:


Recruitment platforms like Talismatic provide all such metrics, and other important recruitment data, on a single dashboard. Not just that, Talismatic’s visual representation of data, using heat maps and other graphics, help a retail recruiter get actionable insights in a single glance at the dashboard.


How can retail recruiters influence a retail brand?


Here’s what retail recruiters can do to influence the way their company’s branding is perceived publicly:


Leverage cross-functional collaboration


Cross-functional collaboration is a useful practice for retail recruiters to build their company’s, and eventually, their retail’s brand.
Cross-functional collaboration helps gather different opinions to solve a problem or different ideas for innovation. Furthermore, collaborating with people hailing from different fields of expertise broadens the thinking style for all team members working on a task at hand.

With Talismatic, a retail recruiter can hire professionals from different fields by customizing his search. He can apply various requirement filters such as skill sets, level of experience, job type, and industry to name a few. This helps the retail recruiter channelize his efforts and acquire an inclusive and diverse workforce.


Improve online search for candidates


The world is at everybody’s fingertips, today. Anything that you need today is just a click away. Accordingly, the retail industry has made a good online presence to attract more buyers and to uplift their retail brand. Retail recruiters do not wish to miss out on this opportunity too. As a result, these recruiters are taking advantage of online recruitment platforms to attract niche candidates and expand their reach; all in real-time. This shift, away from the more manual candidate search process, is for various reasons such as:

  • Long job postings are obsolete. Whereas, short job postings on a company’s website or some social recruiting site can help retail recruiters attract more candidates. Just how retail professionals build their retail brand with attractive ads, similarly, retail recruiters can post engaging and to the point job requirements in their job postings. This helps build retail brand too!
  • Late response cost a company its reputation. Therefore, retail recruiters must focus on increasing their response rate to build a good impression. Online platforms help speed up the response rate.
  • Online HR analytics, gives retail recruiters access to good candidates on recruitment platforms like Talismatic. Besides, Talismatic brings to recruiters insights on competitor recruitment activities and trends in the recruitment industry.


Engage with customers as well as candidates


Customers today can be the candidates tomorrow, and vice versa. Therefore, marketing professionals and retail recruiters must work together and create a cohesive brand strategy.

To maintain the right balance between a retail brand and the employer brand, a recruiter must pay attention to the customer and employer convergence. In fact, convergence is one of the most significant recruitment opportunities in the retail industry. Therefore, it is of prime importance that a retail recruiter ensures that candidates applying should have a good hiring experience.


Since candidate experience needs to be good, recruiters should be cautious that they’re not contacting the wrong candidates. Wasting their time by taking them through the recruitment process, only to later find out that they don’t match the job requirements, might induce some negative impression about the company. One way to avoid such a situation is by using Talismatic to conduct a rigorous candidate search, so you contact only those candidates who match your requirements.


Some of the most coveted job opportunities have got to do with the brand value of a company. Candidates wish to get associated with companies that have a stardom of their own. A retail recruiter’s role against such a landscape is crucial and decisive. They can make or break a retail brand to a large extent. To contribute effectively to the brand strategy, having ‘intelligent’ recruitment platform like Talismatic is a must for retail recruiters.


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