Stalking your competition: It’s legit!

Competitive Intelligence for Recruiters

Every recruiter is after a talent pool that can help their company excel. This has led to stiff competition amongst recruiters. Does the thought of staying ahead of your competitors give you anxiety too? But what if you knew exactly what your competitor’s next move would be? Now, while such a possibility may really excite you, we do understand your concerns over it as well. You may wonder – “but isn’t stalking an illegal activity?” Here’s the answer – Not anymore! With the right HR management software, you can legitimately get the most critical insights on your competitors, right there on your recruitment dashboard. Here’s how:


Stalking your competitors with Talismatic


Talismatic is an ‘intelligent’ recruitment tool that optimizes your workforce decisions against the most critical business metrics and competencies. Talismatic’s competitor analysis feature helps you compare your recruitment statistics against that of your competitors and see how you stack up against them. To enable you to do this, the software provides you with information that lets you:


  • benchmark against your competitors
  • analyze recruitment industry trends
  • compare recruitment capabilities
  • differentiate hiring strategies
  • gauge hiring timeframes


In fact, Talismatic not only provides you with the most exclusive competitor insights, but does so in a manner that makes it extremely easy for you to act upon them. The tool uses a combination of graphic visualizations, heat maps, and statistics so that you can develop an efficient recruitment forecasting model.


Amazed at how Talismatic just turned your biggest competitors into a knowledge base? Well then go ahead and give this path-breaking HR management software a try today!


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