Tips to Choose the Right Candidate for your Company

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Choosing the right candidate for any position requires more work than one believes. While an HR management software is great to help you make most of the decisions, there are certain factors that you as a company must consider. Here are some of the tips you can use to find the right candidate for your company.

Emphasise more on accomplishments

Something that many people fail to do while recruiting is focusing on the accomplishments of the candidate rather than the experience. Almost every job description mentions a certain level of experience as prerequisite. While this may seem important, it is essentially the exposure to a higher level of work that you are seeking rather than the number of years spent to gain the experience. With the use of recruitment metrics and the analytics dashboard, you can narrow down the choice of candidates to those that suit the role your company designs.

Cross-check the accomplishments with references

Since laying an emphasis on accomplishments is what you are aiming for, it is vital to ask the candidate to give an account of all the things he or she has accomplished and in what way the company was benefited. Along with this, ask for a reference that you can get in touch with in order to confirm the statements made by the candidate during the interview. This way, you can find out how your own company can benefit with said candidate coming on-board as well as get someone to testify that it is indeed a possibility.

Test the calibre of the candidates through assignments

Another way to decide on the right candidate is assigning tasks to the candidate based on the role the candidate will be expected to fill. And if you have an account of the candidate’s prior accomplishments, you can also assign a task based on how you can benefit through his or her skill. For example, if the candidate has managed to cut cost notably in the role he or she previously filled, you can give the candidate certain scenarios wherein he or she needs to find out ways in which cost could be cut along with maintain a constantly increasing output or productivity.

Take your time to come to a decision

Last but not the least, one must keep in mind that making a hurried decision would only backfire if you are unsure about the decision you are making. If you are in two minds about which candidate to finalise, make sure you spend enough time analysing the pros and cons of hiring of the candidates and consider the opinions of the managers that would be working with said candidates on a regular basis. Since fitting into the work culture is as essential as fitting into the designated role, allowing others to share their thoughts about the candidates can also help you make the right choice.

Along with using the best recruitment metrics, you can rely on the above tips to make the right recruitment choices.

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