4 recruitment metrics every Healthcare HR needs at his fingertips

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Recruitment is a difficult and challenging job in any industry. Candidates with a perfect combination of academic knowledge, experience and skills are hard to find.  But, when it comes to talent management in the healthcare industry, recruitment could be a matter of life and death. As the stakes are high, onboarding talent that doesn’t fit can cost an organization more than just money. Therefore, healthcare recruiters need to prudently select the metrics that they will focus on while acquiring talent.

Here are four recruitment metrics a healthcare recruiter needs to focus on:

1. Hiring potential

Knowing the hiring potential for your vacancy based on your job description and geography can help healthcare recruiters plan and strategize better.

2. Position filled

How many positions were filled? Keeping track of these metrics for yourself and your competitors allows you to set and challenge benchmarks.

3. Closing time frame

It is imperative for a recruiter to identify the time taken to close a position as compared to your competitors and as compared to the industry to constantly monitor your progress.

4. Salary trends

Identify and analyze the salary trends of your competition in the healthcare industry. Instead of guessing, a healthcare recruiter should ideally be able to access real data to make the right decisions on salaries.

It takes a lot of time, and a lot of money in the trial and error method to find the right candidate. This paves the way for a recruitment software like Talismatic, which gives recruiters all the information you need to plan your hiring strategy in a single dashboard. Furthermore, Talismatic helps recruiters understand stats and figures with user-friendly graphical representation and insights.

Talismatic offers features like:

• Competitor analysis to analyze market trends,
• Geo-intelligence to discover potential candidates,
• Job closing time to gauge hiring timeframes, and
• Recruitment sources to streamline your search.

that bring all the above metrics right at healthcare recruiters’ fingertips.

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  1. It makes sense that health care professionals would want to get a good recruiter. That seems like a good way to ensure that they get the right practitioners! It’s important to have good professionals when it comes to health care.

  2. It was interesting to learn that hiring potential should be a factor. I never knew what a healthcare recruiter was until today. I will make sure I keep learning what it is and how it works.

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