3 metrics that make a recruiter’s life super easy!

recruitment metrics

A recruiter’s life is a race against time. Recruitment guys need to be on top of their game, all-the-time! They can’t sit back and wait for positions within their company to go vacant. They proactively create candidate pipelines, staying prepared to fill any urgent openings. And recruitment data analytics play a significant role in making a recruiter’s life super easy or difficult. So, we bring unto recruiters, the following three recruitment key metrics, that can augment their recruitment strategy:


1.                Talent density


Recruiters spend the biggest part of their time finding viable candidates out of tons of applicants. But, what if recruiters got to know where exactly they should look for their ideal candidates, wasting almost no time hunting them? Talent density provides recruiters with the list of cities that have the maximum concentration for the kind of talent they’re searching.


2.                Job closing time


Getting to know the industry standards for closing a job, can prove to be a big relief for recruiters. Recruiters can, with this metric, gauge their job posting’s performance based on the average time taken by their competitors, and the overall industry, to close a position.


3.                Competitor analysis


This metric turns competitors into databases. Recruiters get to track the hiring activities of their competitors, such as the positions they’re hiring for, the salaries they’re offering, and the locations they’re recruiting from.


To access these, and other powerful recruitment metrics, you must tap into Talismatic’s recruitment platform. The platform showcases actionable insights and key takeaways for recruiters via its recruiting dashboard.


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