The role of talent analytics in building a great work culture

Work culture analytics

Employees play a prominent role in shaping the brand and reputation of a company. Recruiters are, therefore, constantly looking for top-quality candidates to attain organizational excellence. However, ‘top-quality’ does not come with candidates having the right qualifications only, but also demands apposite interpersonal skills.  And so, recruiters are responsible for hiring candidates having both, quantitative and qualitative skills, translating into a great work culture in the company. Having a great work culture helps retain talent and boost organizational productivity.


“One of the reasons for Netflix’s success is (that) it treats employees like grownups,” giving them employees a lot of freedom and responsibility. And the reason Netflix can do this is that they ’re very meticulous when hiring talent. The company looks for skills like judgment, innovation, communication, and honesty in their candidates, along with mandatory qualifications of course.


Strengthening the work culture with talent analytics


Talent analytics brings talent insights for creating a sound recruitment strategy that’s aligned with organizational values and culture. For instance, talent analytics helps you know your competitors inside-out. You get to know the skills that your competitors are hiring for. So, if there’s a competitor whose work culture you really admire, you know which skills to look for in your applicants. Talismatic’s talent acquisition software gets you such disrupting insights on a single, easy to comprehend dashboard.


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