Here’s why Talismatic is one of the best HR analytics tools



With so little time in hand and so many jobs to take care of, recruiters are often in search of the best HR analytics tools that can assist them in their hiring operations. If it is this search that has brought you to this page, you’re absolutely in the right place! Your search ends with Talismatic, an HR analytics software that assists recruiters in areas where very few dare to tread – big data, AI and analytics, all rolled into one. No wonder recruitment industry veteran Angela Bortolussi calls Talismatic her “favorite tool!”


Why Talismatic is one of the best HR analytics tools


Talismatic is one of the few powerful HR data analytics platforms that offer recruiters a bird’s eye-view of all recruitment operations. We have spent thousands of person hours on research to understand the need for HR analytics tool before inventing Talismatic. Did you know that:

  • 65% of HR professionals agreed that they lack proper analytical recruitment tools to aid decision making.
  • 27% of employers said a bad hire cost them more than $50,000 per year.

Talismatic offers several unique features in a SaaS model that makes it stand out against other analytics tools.


Competitor benchmarking

Talismatic compares your performance against that of your competitors, providing a benchmark for you to work on. In a nutshell, Talismatic, extracts insights about your competitors, compares your hiring performance with theirs, searches whether your competitor is willing to hire the same candidate profile you are interested in, and determines any changes in the competitors’ hiring strategies.



Talismatic tells you precisely where your competitors’ talent is located. It provides a heat map that shows the area-wise talent density, helping recruiters reduce their time in finding the location of the potential candidates.  It also helps organizations derive insights on a competitor’s location strategies, skill-search strategies and strategic focus areas.


Candidate spotter

Talismatic’s fill-in detail page asks recruiters to enter “Job Title, “Skills” and ‘Experience,” helping them find candidates at various positions. It also helps recruiters find passive candidates working for competitors and provides insights about the skills that your competitor is looking for.

Talismatic offers the right insights to recruit the best talent. By giving you data that analyzes your competitors’ recruitment strategies and gives you a holistic view of your recruitment performance in a single dashboard, Talismatic is proving to be one of the best HR analytics tools available today.


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