Angela Bortolussi talks about Talismatic in her latest ERE webinar

Recruiters at a webinar

Talismatic was conceptualized and created with a keen eye on the future of recruitment. In the last few years, we’ve added some of the most exclusive and ultra-sophisticated features to our recruitment tool, making it ‘intelligent’ in every sense of the word. And our foresight is probably one of the reasons that motivated recruitment industry veteran, Angela Bortolussi, to talk about Talismatic in her latest ERE webinar – “Recruiting Trends for 2018.”  So when Angela said, “…(a) favorite tool that I have been using over the past 6 or so months is Talismatic,” we were delighted!


In her webinar, that saw over a thousand people enroll, Angela covered the different trends that will spearhead recruitment in the year 2018. She went on to make some really striking predictions that indicate how people, processes, and technologies in the recruitment sector will have to brace themselves for the changes that lie ahead.

Highlights of the recruitment trends for 2018


While a lot was said and discussed, we bring to you the highlights of the webinar, so you can leverage them to craft a hiring strategy that makes you future-ready and industry-relevant:

  • Empower recruitment with actionable insights
  • Ask hiring managers to understand candidate journeys and personas
  • Boost competitive intelligence within the recruitment team
  • Give HR visibility of where the talent is
  • Look for a bird’s eye view of the talent pool
  • Use heat maps for mapping skills, job titles, and competitors


While sharing her insights with the audience, Angela talked about Talismatic’s features like ‘Plan a Hire’ that give a heat map representation of talent density across America. She sounded quite excited while sharing how the feature gives the exact number of potential candidates in every American city.


Another feature mentioned during the webinar was ‘My Jobs’ that:

  • Shares insights on ‘underperforming jobs’,
  • Calculates the industry’s average closing time for a position,
  • Compares closing time with competitors,
  • Sets realistic hiring timeframes.


So, if you’re from the recruitment industry and wish to act upon the hiring trends for the year, well in time, go ahead and sign up for a free trial of Talismatic today!


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