Redesign your HR dashboard metrics with Talismatic

HR dashboard Metrics


HR metrics play an essential role in organizational growth. They help HR leaders get a comprehensive idea about the effectiveness of their processes and the company’s human resources. However, traditional metrics only provide limited targets that are confined to insights based on data within your company. For instance, HR metrics such as:


  • Cost per hire,
  • Revenue per employee,
  • Turnover,
  • Yield ratio,
  • Utilization percent,
  • Absence rate,
  • Employee engagement


offer reports with details only about your organization, and not the industry as a whole. To stay ahead of the competition, recruiters must not only focus on their organization but also their competitors, and their industry. The time has arrived where companies implement the right recruitment software to achieve fruitful outcomes. This blog post provides you with the necessary assistance. Redesign your human resource dashboard with an ‘intelligent’ tool – Talismatic – and get every vital HR metric that is needed to take your HR function from a passive bystander to an active participant in organizational strategy.


How Talismatic helps you change your HR dashboard metrics


A recruiter’s job is not confined to finding a candidate, but finding the right candidate on time.Hence, recruiters must invest their time and money on the right tool. Talismatic is one of the best recruitment analytics tools, which offer recruiters a friendly interface to optimize their recruitment cycles. Using HR metrics and analytics, Talismatic offers HR heads a new way to look at the performance of their organization’s and competitor’s hiring cycles, changing the way they recruit.


1.                 Talent density  


HR leaders often face issues in finding where potential candidates are located. What if recruiters knew this critical piece of information? This will indeed make recruiters’ lives easier and aid in the candidate screening process. Talismatic lowers recruiters’ headaches by offering them key data on this metric. Recruiters can get the exact location of potential candidates based on the required ‘job title,’ ‘skills’ and ‘years of experience’ needed. Instead of searching the entire country to find the best talent, Talismatic offers recruiters the most probable locations where potential candidates are available across the U.S. With this information at their fingertips, recruiters can significantly reduce the effort, stress, time, and money invested in searching for a candidate.


2.                 Competitor analysis


To stay ahead of the curve, companies today must get insights on their competitors. Can you imagine how easy the life of every recruiter would be if they had an idea of their competitors’ hiring strategies? With such critical insights, recruiters can easily benchmark against their competitors, analyze their industry standards, and work on areas of improvement.

Well, we’ve got good news for recruiters, as they now have the assistance of Talismatic, a groundbreaking recruitment software. With Talismatic, recruiters get a better understanding of their competitors and their hiring plans. Talismatic answers all vital questions for recruiters, including:


  • Which locations are your competitors looking for talent?
  • What are their active openings?
  • What skills are they looking for in their candidates?
  • How soon are they closing vacancies?


Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, with Talismatic, it’s possible! Also, a single dashboard offers a graphical visualization of competitors’ performances and compares it with the organization’s internal recruitment performance. This helps recruiters discover the areas they need to improve. Furthermore, you get to know whether your competitor is looking out for the same candidate that you are interested in hiring.

With this kind of information easily available thanks to Talismatic, recruiters can:


  • Analyze Market trends
  • Compare recruitment capabilities
  • Differentiate hiring strategies
  • Measure overall performance of recruitment


3.                 Candidate match


Candidate spotting is a process of identifying a perfect candidate based on required job openings. Evaluating how closely a candidate matches with a vacancy’s requirements might seem to be a very simple metric, but it plays a key role in achieving an organization’s business goals. Traditional hiring systems continue the old routine of searching for talent using the age-old process of filling in the required job openings in job portals, making calls to candidates and scheduling an interview. However, such a traditional approach does not always result in finding the best candidate. Talismatic offers a simple interface where it asks recruiters to fill in the details for job postings. With simple steps, it gives recruiters the best bunch of candidates by decluttering swarms of job applications. Additionally, with Talismatic, recruiters can get information about passive candidates as well. These are the candidates who possess skills that suit the recruiter’s job opening, thus helping recruiters widen their talent search. Furthermore, Talismatic also provides recruiters with details on universities that provide training for skills that recruiters expect from their candidates, thereby helping them to recruit the best freshers for their company. With Talismatic, HR heads can:


  • Discover potential candidates
  • Understand recruitment dynamics
  • Align organizational priorities
  • Bring intelligence to their hiring
  • Gauge hiring timeframes
  • Plan for contingencies


With Talismatic’s HR dashboard metrics, HR leaders can get a bird’s eye-view of the efficacy of the entire recruitment process. Time to revamp your HR dashboard metrics to gain recruitment insights and enhance your workforce decisions. Time to move to Talismatic!


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