5 Essential Recruitment Tactics that Successful Recruiters Use

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Ushering in the best talent to work with your organization takes a precise science.


Getting the right people to work for your organization could spell the difference between surviving and thriving in today’s competitive atmosphere.  Rather than leaving it to recruiters, organizations need to make an overall commitment towards their recruiting strategies.  Finding the best minds and retaining them takes no less than a precise science.  And like any other science, recruitment has its own tools to aid, optimize and measure the process. Take a look at online recruitment Software that cut down some of the lengthy and unnecessary tasks involved in hiring –


Social Media for Sharing –


94% of recruiters today, use LinkedIn to vet candidates

Although social media is the biggest cliché in today’s recruiting process, there’s no underestimating its prowess.  It is the fastest access the information of a candidate without actually reaching out to the candidate.


What’s new?

As with any online recruitment Software, social media recruiting in 2017 has evolved too.  It’s no longer about just posting jobs and looking at profiles. There is a silent industry being built around “sending the right message” over social media. Organizations focus on brand building by posting work culture videos, employee testimonials and hiring philosophies to attract better candidates.  It’s no surprise because nearly 86% of working professionals between ages 18-29 have a presence on at least one social media platform. Social media is simply the most cost-effective way to advertise employer brands rather than just positions.  It can also be used to keep prospects engaged and respond to their queries on a more public platform.


HR Analytics and Competitive Intelligence Tools –


Big data and analytics are pushing recruiter’s capabilities farther than ever.  With online recruiting tools, it is possible for recruiters to formulate precise hiring plans and then stick to them.


What’s new?

Tools like Talismatic make recruiters more aware of the bigger picture, offering them a view of the competitor’s hiring strategies as well as the industry’s.  Right from the beginning of planning your hires, it helps with talent densities, skill-set keywords and head-hunting capabilities. By the end of your hiring cycle, you can analyse how well your organization has performed and compare it to the rest of the industry too.  The use of analytics today is imperative to recruiters today. It helps them form a clearer understanding of the current hiring environment to act on it.


Online Job Boards –


Jobvite reports that over 18% of hires come through Job Boards.

Job Boards are an effective way to communicate vacancies to the public.  The advantage of using online job boards is the tremendous amount of reach it can bring to your recruiting effort. Job boards make it possible to connect with candidates who may not be connected to your organization on any social media platform.  It provides a professional step by step method of inducting people into your hiring pools.


What’s new?

When posting on online job boards, it may help recruiters to use specific keywords that will appeal to the target group they are posting to.  Not only that, but on a uniform platform like job boards, keywords can be essential to differentiate a job posting from the competition – thus generating more interested candidates.


Online Referral Portals –


Referral Portals are a systematic and cost-effective way of recruiting talent.  When you involve employees in the organizational hiring process, they advertise your job posting for you. Having a good referral system will help do justice to all the leads your employees bring in. It forms a database of qualified candidates, free to pick from even at a later stage.


What’s new?

Referral systems today can also be connected to social media circles of employees; allowing organizations to connect with university alumni and ex-colleagues of their employees. This allows recruiters cast a wider net for each recruiting cycle.


Career Sites and Websites –


With 27% of recruits coming from company career pages. The career page is the first impression you make on an interested candidate.  It is also a great way to capture information to add to a hiring database.


What’s new?

With 77% of today’s job seekers using their phones to browse through job postings, make sure your career pages are optimized for mobiles too. Work culture could be the deciding factor for candidates when caught between two job offers.  Thus, hiring managers can add snippets of what it’s like to work at the company to entice more people to join.



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