Recruitment Timeline: Gauge the Difference Between the Expected and the Actual

Timeline for recruitment

Applying for a job might be the easiest thing to do but the real challenge is in the waiting that you need to do once your resume has been sent to the respective companies. And with the unpredictable recruitment timelines, this is certain to be daunting for you, especially if you are impatient. Here is a glimpse of the difference between the expected and the actual when it comes to recruitment.


Submission of the Resume:


What You Expect

You love the job profile and think it perfect for you. You naturally send in your resume and hope for a response pronto!

The Time it Takes: Approximately 2 weeks have gone by without a response

What Actually Happens

Unlike what we often believe, there are hundreds of other applicants who, too, have found it to be the right job for their skills. Whether you have somehow managed to get your resume straight into the inbox of the hiring manager or recruiter, the recruitment timeline would still be a long one, considering all the submissions they would undoubtedly have to sort through. One way to make sure they come across your resume first is by making sure you add the keywords they have used to figure out potential candidates. So, if they decide to sort through the pile of resumes with the help of a keyword search, you are sure to land up in their first few considerations.

Meanwhile, make sure you keep applying at other firms as well.




What You Expect

Now that you’ve got the call, you’re in! But sadly, that isn’t always the case. However, it certainly is a step in the right direction.

The Time it Takes: Anywhere between a week and a month!

What Actually Happens

Once companies decide on which candidates to consider as potential employees, each is given a date and time in which to come over to be interviewed. This means that every other candidate being called for the interview possesses the same skill set as you and are as likely to be chosen as you are.

To make sure you’re not too disappointed if you aren’t selected, keep seeking for jobs at other places that suit your interests.


Feedback of the Interview


What You Expect

You are certainly waiting for a positive response from the firm you were interviewed by.

The Time it Takes: Between 1-3 weeks

What Actually Happens

This process is as slow as going through resumes in the first phase. Since this is the most crucial stage for firms in order to hire the best performing candidate without suffering a loss, being patient is the only way to help yourself through this phase of waiting in the recruitment timeline. There may also be times when you would be called and interviewed by other employees of the firm. That could certainly be a positive sign.

While you wait, make sure you express your gratitude via emails to the recruiter within 24 hours of meeting him or her and expressing your interest in the position as subtly as you can.




What You Expect

To not be rejected.

The Time it Takes: About 1-3 Weeks

What Actually Happens

You are told you aren’t eligible.

Although this may be disheartening, you can make a lasting impression in the minds of the recruiters by graciously accepting their decision and showing an interest to work in their firm in other positions that you are qualified to fill.




What You Expect

To be selected for the position you applied for.

The Time it Takes: About 1-3 Weeks

What Actually Happens

You have been selected! After grueling interviews and challenging rounds, this certainly is a boost to your morale.

Now that you have been selected, make sure you have all your paperwork in order to be submitted to the firm. Be diligent and responsible right from the start and you are sure to be on your way to success.


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