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Recruiting is more than just interviewing candidates that suit the job profile your company is on the hunt for. For hiring to be effective and efficient, there are a number of concerns and parameters that need to be taken into account. The best way to improve your recruitment process is measuring its efficiency. After all, measuring performance is just the first step toward improvement. So, here are a few recruitment metrics you must consider while hiring employees:


Hiring Cost

Is hiring riding heavy on your finances? This includes not only the time spent by your employees in interviewing candidates but also the expenses made to advertise, hold career fairs, and the salaries being paid to the potential employees. Streamlining your process to avoid unnecessary costs can work in your favor by helping you hire employees without going into a loss. For example, holding an on-site interview can prove costlier which can easily be avoided by following a better interviewing pattern.


Hiring Source

Are the sources that bring you your candidates reliable? This is one of the many recruitment metrics that helps you make the right decision regarding the optimum allocation of resources in recruiting channels. Once you know which of the sources have worked better for you in terms of finding quality employees, you can strain out the ones that are bleeding you dry of finances.


Hiring Quality

Is your team adept at hiring employees? The quality of your hiring process depends not only on how competent you are employing at hiring but also on whether you retain said employees that perform well and ensure that they are happy working as part of your firm. While it may not seem that vital as a deciding factor, the efficiency of your recruitment process is certainly impacted by it on a large scale. By comparing the data of recruitment with the surveys conducted as part of employee engagement as well as promotion and employee retention rate, one can figure out the performance scale and quality of your hiring team.

Hiring quality check helps in pointing out certain factors during interviews that could be the cause of deterioration in the performance of employees. This helps companies figure out what can be done to avoid these glitches on the way by changing the way the hiring process functions.


Diverse Set of Employees

With a diversity in the kind of employees working in a firm, one can certainly expect different outcomes from the rest of the world. Like a blend of flavors, a diverse metric when it comes to employees, be it in terms of seniority, skill set, or interest, does have a positive impact on potential candidates looking to work in your firm.


Experience of a Candidate

Whether a candidate manages to make an impression on you or not, it is vital that you, as a firm, make a good impression on the candidate. Offering a survey to every candidate walking through the doors of your company can help you understand how well your firm was perceived by the candidate. So, in case of future business dealings and interaction with the said person, you can be sure of your status in their sight.


Apart from the above recruitment metrics, certain factors like the time of hiring, analyzing losses, and predicting possible outcomes to avoid setbacks form a strong recruitment process.


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