Beware of FREE online recruitment tools

Online Recruitment Tools

Recruiters are often faced with the question of whether to go for a free online recruitment tool or a premium selection tool for hiring. While it’s instinctive to fall for the free option, you may stay completely ignorant of the opportunities that a paid tool opens up for your business. But if you’re still mulling over which way to go, you must first weigh the pros and cons of the alternatives.


What to expect from premium selection tools for hiring

Hiring the right workforce is the first step to building a successful business organization, and picking the right online recruitment Software is the step before that. Advancements in technology have resulted in a surge in the number and variety of selection tools for hiring, each offering something more unique than the other. Given this, it is quite natural for HR to be unable to choose a particular recruitment software or tool . The solution lies in looking at the following factors for the gamut of high-quality premium selection tools under consideration:



Remember, you’re looking at a premium online recruitment tool. Your expectations should be high! Basic features like automatic job posting, application status tracking, and email alerts should not even be on your list of minimum expectations. You should demand out-of-the-box recruitment tool features like competitive intelligence, candidate spotting, competitor benchmarking, or even geo-intelligence. Tools that support in-depth analytics, create visual reports, offer actionable insights, and integrate with social media channels are the tools you’re looking for.



If a recruiter is serious about their job, there’s no way they’re missing out on the opportunity to leverage multiple channels to acquire the best talent. This then means investing in numerous platforms for internal and external communication, such as job boards, career sites, online ads, and social media networks. Now you’re a business that’s up and running. You have a technology infrastructure in place, and some HR software and applications as well. So, there is no way you’d like all this capital to go to waste and start from scratch. This is why your premium online recruitment tools must allow for seamless integration with your existing capabilities, making any transition involved frictionless.



We’ve already made up our minds that we’re only looking at high-end and sophisticated recruitment tools. So, it’s a given that we’ll be working on some of the most advanced features of these products or services as well. But does that mean HR would be spending a good deal of its time either getting trained on these features or otherwise struggling with them? Or does it mean only recruiters with much technical know-how would qualify as users for these tools? The answer to both these questions is a big NO! The hiring tool you choose must be intuitive enough for a first-time user to figure his way out without any hassles. Otherwise, the tool must offer a trial period for its users to explore it and get acquainted with its features.


Privacy and Security

Recruitment data is gold! And in all probability, you’re purchasing that best-in-class recruitment tool to create nothing short of aggressive selection strategies. So, the stakes involved are quite high. Therefore, privacy and security of the information collated, analyzed, and saved on the tool or platform must be breach-proof. The tool must allow for protection of remote recruiters who log onto it while on the go, and for data encryption and strong password protection.


Why free online recruitment tools may not the best choice

There are two major drawbacks of using free online recruitment tools – ineffectiveness and vulnerability.

Let’s talk about ineffectiveness first. Free selection tools for hiring obviously do not offer exclusive features as premium tools do. They either offer traditional and redundant metrics and features that no longer matter in the current era of competitive recruitment or offer limited versions of advanced features that again would reap no results for a large organization that aims to go ahead the curve.

Vulnerability, on the other hand, comes into the picture because of the anonymity of source behind most of these free recruitment tools. You may find a lot of these tools flashing on your computer screens as paid ads. Now you can’t hand over all that classified recruitment data to a tool whose credibility is unknown to you. Plus, we’re all aware of the scams and frauds around recruitment that are reported in newspapers now and then. A free tool may have you end up paying a huge cost in the form of reputational damage or business lost.

So, if you’re a recruiter taking your first steps with technology in recruitment, a free tool is something you may want to try. But if you’re an experienced recruiter in a serious organization, only a premium tool deserves your attention.

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