3 Best Productivity Tools for Recruiters

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With so many apps, websites, software, and tools in the market to help recruiters increase their productivity, making a choice is tricky. So here’s a list that talks about three unique and essential features to look out for in productivity tools for recruiters:


1.    Job Performance

As a recruiter in a large organization, you post numerous job vacancies on multiple platforms, like job boards and career sites. And since posting jobs is not the only thing you do, it’s obvious you find keeping track of all your job postings a herculean task. Productivity tools with the job performance feature give you detailed statistics on all your active vacancies in a single glance. So with a recruitment tool like that, you know which of your jobs are underperforming and which ones are about to close soon.


2.    Talent Density

Talent in the American job market is scattered across a large geography. There are high chances you’re designing a hiring strategy that targets the entire area to not miss out on any potential candidate. But over a period, you’ll only end up realizing how much time and money you’ve wasted by focusing on a larger geography when most of your candidates are concentrated in certain pockets only. Talismatic’s talent density feature gives you the exact number of candidates matching your requirements across the U.S.


3.    Competitor Analysis

As a recruiter, you’re already in the game and utterly aware of the stiff competition existing in the recruitment landscape. The rise in demand for niche skill sets has only added to the complexity of the situation. Now, if a Predictive HR Analytics Tool hands you down actionable insights on:

  • where your competitors are hiring,
  • what skill sets they are hiring for,
  • what their job closing time is,
  • and a dashboard with all your recruitment performance KPIs against theirs,

your productivity is going to multiply, isn’t it?


So look for a recruitment tool that offers you high-end productivity features like the ones discussed above and take your recruitment to the next level. To start with, why don’t you take a demo of one of the best Predictive Analytics Tool for recruitment out there – Talismatic?


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