Job Market Insights by Talismatic – Why and Who Should Use it

Why and Who Should Use Job Market Insights

Students today must stay informed about the various professional fields that come under the job market. This is primarily because of the vastness of what’s out there should be known in order to make informed future decisions, after all, education forms the foundation of an individual’s career, growth, and future. Good thing tools like Talismatic are in place to give us reliable and realistic job market insights on skill and jobs in demand

Similarly, educators and course structurers look at job industry trends to make syllabi and subjects more apt for students. This way, curriculum relevancy gets boosted, and so does student enrollment in universities. However, there are many more ways in which job industry insights from Talismatic can help different users. Scroll down to discover how. 

  1. Course Planners can Determine Job Market Trends
    Experts in the education field that devise the curriculum in each stream can now get job growth insights through Talismatic’s state-of-the-art software. As a result, they can tailor make courses and ensure that they are streamlined with the existing job market requirements. In addition, the tool also provides educators with upcoming trends and a list of new required skills to further boost their edge. 
  2. Educational Institutions can Accelerate Course Admissions
    Novel machine learning coupled with cutting-edge artificial intelligence enables Talismatic’s users to get access to accurate US jobs reports. With this data, marketeers can create apt value propositions for student’s basis every course offered by the university. This, in turn, will accelerate admissions as students will now know how each course is aligned with a particular job profile – something that the tool also lets users know region-wise.
  3. Education Researchers can Enrich Labour Market Research
    Job market insights through Talismatic can help education researchers enrich their labour market research with its progressive analytics. While they will understand the existing market requirements with the tool, it will also help them predict skills needed in the future for a particular job along with determining jobs of the future! This way, researchers can also create alliances with Government Bodies across the United States to accelerate workforce development.
  4. University Career Departments Can Identify Suitable Career Paths for Students
    Because of regular job industry insights from Talismatic, University Career Departments can now place students in organizations that require their skills in real-time. It also helps them identify peak hiring periods, understand student placement patterns, the required skills and deficit ones across companies. This way, they can identify the right internship or job for each student, so it acts as the right starting point.  

As you have read, Talismatic can help users with job market insights, US job reports, and job growth insights, among other things. Keen on knowing more about the tool? We are sure you are and hence, have got you covered! 

America’s Job Market Insights Tool 

Talismatic – a pioneer in Job Market Insights – is reshaping the way America’s education system and recruitment works. Coming from the makers of Propellum – the market leaders in job board automation since 1998 – Talismatic helps give you actionable insights for quicker, more accurate, and data-driven decisions. With us, you can: 

  1. Become a futuristic university 
  2. Understand the most in-demand jobs, today and in the future 
  3. Tweak your curriculum as per industry trends 

To know more, write to us on or give us a call on +91 22 6198 7676. You can also visit to learn about the other ways in which we can be of assistance.

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