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curriculum development services for higher education

It is 2023 and the world is now getting more competitive than ever. In addition, the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence have brought humans on their toes, and it is essential to know the right skills to get the right jobs. Developing the higher education curriculum in universities is imperative. Not only does it enable students to brace for their future, but it also reassures companies that they will get the right talent. This is because the job industry landscape is constantly evolving. However, curriculum development services for higher education – like using Talismatic, a predictive analytics tool – can greatly help institutions in several ways. Scroll down to know how.

Curriculum development services for higher education

Evaluating Job Market Competitiveness

Over the years, course planners have faced the tough task of determining and deciding the curriculum for various subjects. This is because they had little to no access to data that highlights jobs or skills in demand. Talismatic aims to successfully resolve this issue by aiding in curriculum development in higher education at universities in the US. We: 

  • Evaluate the job market with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning 
  • Determine new skills required in each job profile based on our research 
  • Ensure educators can improve courses with real-time job market data

Identifying Skill Gaps
When a university knows which skillset is required in the market and designs their course curriculum accordingly, it becomes a major value proposition for students. Talismatic’s cutting-edge technology helps in curriculum development in university by identifying skill gaps; this can also be done region-wise. We: 

  • Analyse job trends  
  • Identify skill deficits in organizations 
  • Use location-based intelligence for higher education in curriculum development

Analyzing Student Learning Outcomes
Since Talismatic helps educators in developing the higher education curriculum, students acquire skills required by companies in real-time. The outcome – students can get placed in companies that require their talent. Its prequel is them getting internship and part-time job opportunities thanks to our labour market analytics. We: 

  • Provide labour market intelligence to educators 
  • Close the gap between employer demand and graduate supply 
  • Ensure better results for career services, employer relationships, counseling and coordination teams

Forecasting Future Job Trends
Talismatic helps people visualize future job trends by leveraging the power of data and machine learning. This is after educators engage in curriculum development services for higher education. In addition, the tool helps predict skills that will be required for various jobs in the coming years. We: 

  • Can give projections for expected career paths and salaries up to 2026 
  • Predict required skills  
  • Overcome lags in the existing curriculum development by university 

Now that you know how Talismatic’s analytics can empower course upgrades and shape the future of learning, we are sure that you want to know more about the tool. Well, we have got you covered! 

Talismatic – The Future of Education and Job Market Analytics is Here 

Talismatic is a forerunner in the field of job market analytics, and we specialize in doing so primarily for the education industry. The tool enables educators to upgrade courses based on the market requirements, thereby safeguarding the future of students. This is because we provide actionable insights that help you make faster, better, and data-driven decisions. An added advantage: it comes from the makers of Propellum – market leaders in job board automation! To know more about how we can help, send us an email on info@talismatic.com. Alternatively, you can call us on +1 (234) 567 8910 or visit www.talismatic.com for more details.

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