Elevating Talent Acquisition & Retention with Workforce Analytics

Elevating Talent Acquisition & Retention with Workforce Analytics

Talent acquisition and retention in every organization is directly proportional to its success. The human resources department works relentlessly – either with the help of a staffing agency or by using a workforce analytics software like Talismatic– to achieve this within the stipulated time frame. The HRD, people analytics & workforce planning software form the perfect trio to devise strategies for talent acquisition and retention. Want to learn how? Scroll down and discover the role a workforce analytics platform like Talismatic plays in acquiring and retaining talent: 

Talent Acquisition 

Skills that are in Demand
Talismatic is a workforce analytics and insights tool that gives recruiters the added advantage of a built-in strategy builder. With this, they can identify in-demand skills, determine the talent density for those skills, and pinpoint target candidate pools to hire them. This way, each organization using our workforce analytics platform can solve the problem of hard to fill positions in the United States.

Emerging Job Roles
After Talismatic assists recruiters in identifying skills that are in demand, its workforce analytics and insights aid in filling openings for these emerging job roles. Not only does the tool give updates on the progress of job roles placed online but also allows recruiters to see how these posts are performing. This feature is called “My Jobs” and will help the human resources department ace their talent acquisition strategy.

Educational Qualification and Experience
Identifying skills that are in demand and filling in emerging job roles is important. However, it is essential for prospective talent to have the necessary skill set for each job. Talismatic – America’s leading workforce analytics software – helps educators create courses and value propositions based on the industry requirements by using data and real-time labour insights. This leads to them kick-starting their high-powered careers. 

Talent Retention 

Skill Gap Analysis
Jobs today are dynamic in nature; their profiles keep evolving with time. As a result, an employee that had a specified skillset for the job in the past may need to upskill. Skill gap analysis is the way recruiters determine the skills and knowledge lacking among team members in an organization. A workforce analytics and insights tool like Talismatic can help scope the challenge, collect data, analyze, and come up with solutions

Job Industry Benefits
A happy employee will be a trustworthy one, especially since the company is doing everything in its power to keep the team member’s content. For instance – since COVID, hybrid working has become the new normal; however, even today, some people prefer this vis-a-vis working from office full time. A workforce analytics platform like Talismatic can help identify more such benefits for the overall wellbeing of each organization. 

Emerging Industry Trends
Talismatic helps educators and recruiters become aware of emerging employment and industry trends with the help of big data and machine learning.Our cutting-edge tool displays the most accurate job market predictions to increase the employee retention rate. In addition, this data can be state and city specific, thereby making it easy for recruiters to understand what kind of skills their offices in other regions may require. 

Interesting, right, just how many ways a workforce analytics software like Talismatic can help in elevating talent acquisition and retention? More on that in the next section. 


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