Forecasting Future Workforce Trends With Talismatic’s Insights

Forecasting Future Workforce Trends With Talismatic's Insights

Is it essential for organizations to evolve with changing trends and requirements? This includes good company culture, cutting-edge strategy, and continuous metamorphosis. However, this can only happen when you have the right talent – which is possible when you are able to acquire and retain it. Labour market information received through workforce analytics tools like Talismatic can greatly help the human resources department do this; it also provides labour market intelligence and analytics. Keen on knowing what kind of insights? Not to worry, we have got you covered. Just scroll down and be amazed! 

  1. Growth and Decline of Industries
    There are some industries that are timeless and some that last only for a certain amount of time. While it may be difficult for humans to predict which one is which, labor market analytics tools like Talismatic can help companies forecast this and hence, change their strategy to adapt with future needs. This is possible because the tool uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to its advantage.
  1. Geographic Availability
    Every country has unique demands for specialized skills that might not be as crucial in other regions. Labour market information tools like Talismatic use data to decipher what the market is looking for currently. What’s more is that it does so region-wise! This means that recruiters can now analyze job trends and understand availability where emerging opportunities exist using real-time labour insights.
  1. Talent Demand and Supply
    Labor market analytics provided by tools like Talismatic greatly assists recruiters with hiring the right talent. This is possible because it uses big data to identify and overcome lags in the existing syllabus so educators can improve course curriculum to better suit talent requirements. It also helps acquire labour market information pertaining to talent shortage and skill gaps, thereby enabling recruiters optimize their talent acquisition strategy.
  1. In Demand and Obsolete Skills
    Much like determining trending industries, labour market intelligence tools can aid companies in determining which skills are trending, obsolete, and required in the future. By identifying the most sought-after and analyzing obsolete skills, companies can modify their hiring and training strategies to meet the needs of the ever-changing job market and make well-informed decisions regarding their workforce

Whether you are an educator or recruiter, Talismatic can assist you in several ways to ace your strategy – be it education or talent acquisition. Keen on knowing more, right? Just scroll down and you will get all the details about the tool!

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