This Christmas, gift your students a successful career!


It’s that time of the year again. The time for playing in the snow, parties, and most importantly—presents! We’re sure that you have some great presents planned for your family and friends. But, don’t you think you should give something to your students as well? By presents, we don’t mean giving them one of those run-of-the-mill, mass-produced items that your students won’t even need. We mean something much more valuable and long-lasting—a successful career! You might be wondering that as an educator there’s only so much you can do for your students when it comes to contributing to their careers. You can teach them to the best of your ability, impart a few career enhancement tips, and hope for the best. Or additionally, if you’ve been paying enough attention to our blogs, you might have even started using labor market analytics to guide curriculum design decisions like many leading Universities are. In that case, you can already be assured that your students will be more than thankful. If you have done so, or even if you haven’t, there is something even more impactful that you can give your students. You give them something that can solve their biggest problem—choosing a successful career path.


Solving your students’ biggest problem


Although on-campus there might be numerous individual challenges that your students might be grappling with, very few are as grave and as far-reaching as career exploration for students. Repayment of student loans might be up there with it, but even that can be solved if the cloud of uncertainty looming over the careers of students can be blown away (we’ll get to that later). A majority of students don’t know what they want to pursue as a career. Maybe the answer “I don’t know” is excusable or even expected when you ask “What you want to do?” to kids, teens, and sometimes, high school students. But when you find out that a majority of college students aren’t sure about what they want to do for a living, it becomes a little concerning.


A major reason for students not knowing what they want to do post graduation is that they are not aware of what they can be. They don’t know, despite their best efforts, what jobs their skills can get them. They don’t know what majors will give them the chance of getting the jobs they may be interested in. They don’t know how their careers will progress if they choose one path over the other. They don’t know (with certainty) which cities or industries will offer them the best employment opportunities. With so many doubts in their minds, it’s natural that these students won’t be able to confidently decide and plan out their careers. And in all honesty, not even you, as educators, can know it, can you? And no amount of career enhancement training can fix the consequences of inadequate career exploration for students.


Making the most of labor market data


Ideally, the process of career exploration for students would be a comprehensive analysis of the entire US job market. And by job market analysis, we don’t mean going through career outlook books, listening to expert opinions, or relying on “estimates” made by research firms. All these sources of information do help, but nothing comes close to the depth of insight and certainty that actual, hard data offers. And hard data from the job market can be made accessible to educators and students using labor market analytics. Labor market analytics tools like those offered by Talismatic can not only help educators know what skills are in high demand but can also let students know how to plan their careers. However, until recently, no such tools have been available exclusively for the use of students. Career exploration has always been a word-of-mouth affair, where all decisions are based on opinions and speculative information. But that’s all about to change now, with the introduction of the online career exploration tool by Talismatic. Educators can now get Talismatic’s app that facilitates career exploration for students and virtually molds their careers to be successful.


Designing successful careers


Talismatic’s tool uses the power of analytics to add certainty to the process of career exploration for students. The tool gives students the ability to map out


  • the different career paths that they can adopt based on their skills,
  • the kind of growth they can expect,
  • the industries hiring for the skills they possess, and
  • the set of skills they require to get employment in the cities and industries they want.


Using this information will not only allow students to solve their biggest issue, i.e., career uncertainty, but also assure them that their investment in your programs will lead to guaranteed returns. Thus, their student loans will become less of a burden and more of an investment with assured payback. So, when you come to think of it, you are not just giving them a successful career, but freedom! And as far you are concerned as an educator, what do you think will happen if all your students get high-paying careers with the best employers? Yes, the year-on-year enrolment will soar through the roof. So this Christmas, go ahead and gift your students successful, satisfying careers with Talismatic’s online career exploration tool.


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