Hey Educators, shopping for the holidays? Here’s why Talismatic should top your list.

Shopping for the holidays

Christmas, that time of the year when you pamper your loved ones with amazing, thoughtful gifts. But how about pampering yourself this year? Well, if you ‘re up for an idea, we have something unique, long-lasting, and valuable for you this Christmas. Something that not only lessens your struggle at work but also leaves you with leisure time. Wondering what it is? We’re talking about Talismatic, a higher education analytics tool.


Talismatic – the perfect ‘gift’ for you this Christmas


By clubbing the power of big data and machine learning, this university predictive analytics tool analyzes the historical and the current job market trends and finds which course will dominate in the coming years. With such granular insights drawn, you can develop impactful academic offerings that sync with the future labor market. And the list does not end here. Talismatic can also offer tailored insights like:


  • heat maps showcasing top cities interested in hiring your students
  • associated skills that will help your students grow in their career
  • average salaries that your students can expect to earn
  • months in a year when companies hire aggressively
  • cities where students can get a job easily

And the icing on the cake is that this higher education analytics platform does not expect you to be tech-savvy. Believe us, ‘course name’ is all that this platform takes as input.


With real-time insights from the U.S. job market, you can guide students to take up the right profession. You can actually show them how their courses are aligned with the future market trend. Now that’s what a win-win situation for you and your students looks like.


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